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Wood vs. Carpet: Advantages and Disadvantages

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wood vs. carpet

It’s the first thing your toes touch when you get out of bed in the morning, it’s a play space for your children and your pets, it’s the foundation of your home’s character. Choosing flooring is never easy, you’ll have to consider the present and future of your home, the weather in your location, resale value, and so much more. To help you understand the general pros and cons to both carpet and hardwood flooring we have created a quick reference list here:

For Carpet

  • Carpet is great for the feet, carpet gives you an option to add padding and in areas where you are on your feet a lot, like retail spaces, it’s good to have
  • Carpet prevents noise pollution
  • Carpet insulates your space in the colder months
  • Carpet options are quite literally endless and include patterns not found in hardwood flooring
  • Costs less

Against Carpet

  • Carpet is by far the dirtier of the two options
  • Carpet is time consuming to clean and can be difficult when it comes to stain removal
  • Carpet has a shorter life and must be replaced when it gets old
  • Chemicals may be required to clean your carpet, if you are maintaining a green home this is a no-no

For Hardwood

  • Is a good choice to have in any room in the house
  • Hardwood is cleaner and doesn’t collect dirt or dust
  • Hardwood can last decades, if it gets worn you can refinish it instead of replacing it
  • You have the flexibility to customize and update hardwood floors with area rugs
  • Easy to move furniture around

Against Hardwood

  • Noisy, especially if walking upstairs on hardwood and heard from a lower level
  • Scratches
  • In the colder months hardwood floors can cause a house to be colder
  • Not as good for children
  • Costs More

If this doesn’t help you to make up your mind, remember, you can easily transition from carpet to hardwood in any space, so you can always have both. If you need help deciding on which flooring is best for you, stop into our showroom and speak to a flooring expert, also view our huge selection of samples, hardwood or carpeting!


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