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Why does my Floor Creak?

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Does your floor creak? It can be extremely annoying for those home-owners who simply want to be able to walk across their own floor quietly and NOT WAKE THE BABY. So why does my floor creak? There are a few reasons for why your floor creaks; here we will explain those reasons and what you can do to fix them.

Why does my Floor Creak?

Temperature Changes

As temperatures change, hardwood flooring will swell and shrink accordingly. In the winter, the hardwood floors will shrink which leads to gaps between boards and stress on the nails hold the boards down; in the warmer, more humid months, boards will swell and it can cause them to press together. To fix the issue, keep your room at a consistent temperature. Also, be sure when you bring your hardwood flooring home from the Maryland hardwood flooring showroom it has time to acclimate to this set temperature before installation.

Nails Pop Loose

Another reason a hardwood floor can start to creak would be that the nails holding the hardwood floorboards to the sub-floor have popped loose. This can happen for a variety of reasons, from extreme temperature fluctuations to excess moisture in the air. Regardless of the reason, to fix the issue drill small screws up through the sub-floor to grab on to the hardwood floorboards. Be sure not to drill too far into the hardwood that you pop out the other side though!

Un-Even Sub-Flooring

Sub-floors are hard to make perfectly even and a difference in as little as 2mm can be what causes your laminate floors to creak or crack when you walk across them. If you’re installing your own laminate floor tiles in a kitchen or bathroom, be sure your sub-floor is extremely level, otherwise you will eventually have creaking. For this reason, we recommend hiring a local Maryland flooring installation company to perform the job as they have the skill and experience to ensure your sub-floor is nice and level.

No Acclimation Period

As stated above, there should be an acclimation period for your flooring. If you go to your local Maryland flooring store, pick up your hardwood floorboards, and then install them the same day, you’re not giving the floorboards enough time to adjust to their new home. This is an important step because wood (and other flooring types for that matter) shrink and expand depending on temperature and moisture levels. Bring the flooring materials into the room you want to install them and let them sit there for a couple of days before installation.

Excess Moisture

Much like the temperature changes that occur from season to season, moisture levels also fluctuate which can cause your hardwood floors to swell and contract. If your home has excess moisture, it can cause your floorboard to swell which squeezes the nails holding them in. As you walk across the board, this swelling can cause the board to squeak against the nails holding them in. To fix this, use a humidifier during more humid months, and use a humidifier during the winter to increase humidity.

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