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Why do Floors Slope in Old Houses?

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A home’s floors can slope for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, these slopes are cause for concern, and other times it’s nothing you need to panic over. Here is all you need to know about your home’s sloping floors and a few possible reasons for why floors slope in old houses.

Why do Floors Slope in Old Houses?

House Settling

One possible cause for why your floors slope is your home’s foundation has settled in such a way that one side of your home is lower than the other. In some instances, half of your home could settle whereas the other will remain fine. It’s not a huge cause for concern, especially if your home is quite old. That said, if your home is fairly new and sloping drastically it’s best to have it looked at. To fix this issue, contact a local contractor and have the foundation assessed and repaired.

Structural Issues

Your home’s floor sits upon a structure of sub-flooring which can eventually deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Termite damage, foundation settling, rot, or substandard structural materials and installation could all be the cause of your floor’s slope. Take some time and inspect your sub-flooring, if you don’t have access to the sub-floor, then call in a contractor and get their opinion.

Planned Slope

Some parts of your home may actually have a built in slope for a reason. This is most commonly found on porch or deck floors and basement flooring. Porches and decks are commonly built to slope ever so slightly away from your home to prevent pooling water and help to move water away from the foundation. In your basement, the floor may gradually slope to one point where a sump pump is located; this is to help mitigate any basement flooding issues in areas prone to these problems. The time when this is a real concern is if the slope is too harsh, or if there are splits or cracks in the flooring materials.

Home Flooring Ruined

If your home’s flooring has been ruined due to a slope in your home, or your hardwood is starting to look a bit funky, it’s time to have it replaced. We suggest solving your home’s sloping issue before solving the interior aesthetics. Once the sloping issue has been identified and corrected, get in touch with a Maryland flooring store such as Genesis Flooring America for help with replacing your current floor.

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