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What Is Cork Flooring?

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When we think about cork, the stopper of a wine bottle comes to mind, not necessarily a material for flooring. However, cork flooring has been popular in many commercial areas.

Cork flooring is a floor that is made from the bark of the oak tree. The floor is created from the remains of an oak tree after corks are punched out of it. The leftover bark is boiled, compressed and made into a flat surface using adhesive resins.

Quality cork floor is made from the bark of an oak tree that is at least fifty years old. The bark is harvested in such a way that a thin small inner layer is left behind, which allows the re-growth of the tree. The bark is then left behind in the forest to dry for months and then is transported to the factory.

One of the most unique points about cork flooring is that it is sound proof. It absorbs footsteps and all other kinds of noises. Today, cork flooring is used in at least 30% of commercial areas and is slowly making its way into people’s homes.

Why Should You Use Cork Floor For Your House?

It Lasts Longer

High quality cork flooring can last up to thirty years. Its surface, neither vinyl nor wood, has a soft feel to it and is more comfortable for walking on.

Acts as a Safety Cushion

Cork flooring has a soft surface, which can sometimes protect children from falls. It can also protect small glass objects from breaking.

Keeps Your House Cool

The inside material of a cork contains tiny air chambers. This insulates the room and prevents noise from transmitting through the floor. The same mechanism helps keep the heat out summer and keep it in during winter.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Cork is made up of ‘Suberin’, a waxy substance that naturally repels small insects and vermin. This also makes the floor resistant to colonization of other insects.


Due to Suberin, cork flooring does not allow dust or hair to settle on its surface. Therefore, it is easier to clean it and it does not cause any allergic reactions.

Easy Maintenance

When cork flooring is laid down in a house, it is coated with a water resistant sealer, which prevents it from going moist. The floor can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or wet cloth. There are even primers that will re-shine your floor if you feel they have gotten a little dull.

Cork flooring is mostly used in churches and libraries. In 2001, cork for flooring was only used 1.6% in commercial as well as residential places. However, this percentage has increased significantly due to the low maintenance that cork requires.

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