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What Floor is Best for Stairs

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Looking to re-do your staircase, but not sure what type of flooring you want? There are certainly a few options to choose from, but not each type of flooring will be the best option for each unique situation. Below, we will walk through some of the common situations home-owners find themselves in and discuss which type of flooring will work best for their stairs.

What Floor is Best for Stairs

How Will Pets Handle the Steps?

If your pet has to go up and down the steps all day, you may want to consider a type of flooring that works best for their paws. Cats are graceful enough they won’t need any special consideration—dogs on the other hand are a different story. For longer sets of stairs; especially steep ones, consider carpeting or runners to help your furry friend find their footing.

Should I Match my Home?

Simply put, creating a home which comes together on a grander scale from the first floor kitchen to the smallest bedroom upstairs is a great idea for re-sale value. We’re not saying you need the same type of flooring throughout your home, but if you are going to replace your stair’s flooring with something, make sure it matches with your current hardwood or carpet. Sometimes, this means getting in touch with a flooring specialty store in Maryland and having them match your flooring as best they can.

Which type of Flooring is Safest for Stairs?

This is ultimately the best question to consider for your staircase. While aesthetics are important, your safety when walking up and down your staircase should take precedence. So, the safest flooring for your stairs will be something which provides the most traction and padding in the event of a fall, and that would be carpeting or carpet runners.

Do you Have Kids?

As any parent will tell you, the quieter that you can be when your kids are sleeping the better. Obviously, as kids get older you may want the opposite so you can hear if they are sneaking out, but you can cross that hurdle in 15 years after the carpet has worn out. Carpeting will provide a nice soft and quiet surface to walk on. While the difference will be minimal, trust us when we say every little bit helps when baby is sleeping.

For help with choosing the best type of flooring for your home’s stairs, get in touch with the flooring experts at Genesis Flooring America. Genesis is a locally-owned and operated Maryland flooring showroom staffed by experienced flooring consultants who will help you pick out the best flooring for your home while staying within your budget. For more information on our flooring options, give us a call at 410-552-6410 or fill out the form on our website, today!


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