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Tips for Selecting Carpet With Pets in Mind

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Pets are a lot of fun to have around, but sometimes they make life difficult. Your black pants are instantly covered in hair no matter where you sit. The poor potted plants get constantly eaten or dug up. And the carpet? Let’s not even go there. Maintaining a clean and attractive carpet when you have pets can be a challenge. As pet owners and Maryland carpet store managers, we can relate to your struggle. If you are thinking about replacing your old carpet or installing carpet for the first time in your pet-loving home, here are a few tips for choosing the right product.

Consider Cut-Pile Carpet

As you probably know, there are two types of carpet: loop pile and cut pile. Loop-pile carpet consists of loops of fiber attached to carpet backing. These loops can be big or small, tight or loose, even or uneven. Now think about this: loops + sharp nails = pulled-out loops. This might not be a problem if you regularly trim your pets’ nails. But if you don’t, a loop-pile carpet can lose its appearance pretty fast, especially if you have a cat that enjoys sharpening its nails on every surface. It may be better to install a cut-pile carpet where the loops are cut, so that there is less chance for those nails to snag on anything.

Colors and Patterns Are Your Friends

A colorful, textured or patterned carpet helps hide pet hair, as well as stains directly or indirectly related to pets. And no matter how careful you are and how well-trained your pets are, there will be stains. If you don’t like the idea of a colorful or patterned carpet, opt for the neutral beige or tan carpet and then place dark- or multi-colored area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas.

Think About Comfort

When you are choosing the carpet, think about where your pets sleep. Do they sleep in those nice beds you got them? Do they invade your bed or couch no matter how many times you say “No?” Or do they roll around on the floor for the most part? If you have floor sleepers, and even furniture hogs, consider choosing well-cushioned, soft carpet. This will make life more comfortable for your pets, and may even encourage them to spend more time on the floor rather than on your antique armchair.

You Can’t Have Enough of Stain Resistance

You already know this about your pets: there is puke, hairballs, pee, and those greasy stains form your cat dragging down the salmon you left out to thaw. Your carpet needs to be tough! Most carpets these days are advertised as stain-resistant, but some do the job better than others. Look for such materials as nylon, polyester, SmartStrand and other artificial fibers designed both to resist stains and to clean up easily.

Don’t Forget About the Padding

Padding plays a big role in how soft your carpet is, but it also may affect how easy it is to clean. For example, if pet accidents are a big issue for you, consider padding with a moisture barrier. A moisture barrier prevents pet urine from soaking all the way through the padding to the floor boards. The barrier is placed between the carpet and the padding, so any urine or other spilled liquid pools on top of it and is easier to extract. If you plan on using a moisture barrier be sure to clean up any pet accidents ASAP and completely. If you let it go, the smell will be awful and will linger longer, because the urine has nowhere to go.

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