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The Key Pros and Cons of Carpet Flooring

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bedroom-389258_1280While hardwood keeps gaining popularity among both homeowners and home buyers, carpet is still the number one favorite, especially in bedrooms and living rooms. And this popularity is well-deserved, because carpeting has many wonderful qualities that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. It does have its own drawback as well, so ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether the carpet is right for your Maryland flooring needs.

Advantages of Carpeting

Color Variety

Carpeting offers an amazing color and pattern variety, matched only by vinyl flooring. Both natural and synthetic fibers accept dyes with more or less consistent and predictable outcomes. This makes it easy to find the perfect carpeting for any décor, whether it’s mute and understated or bright and bold.

Sound-proofing Qualities

Have you ever been in a room stripped of carpets? Every sound echoes and multiplies. Carpets absorb sound, contributing to noise reduction and privacy.


Compared to hardwood flooring, carpets are relatively inexpensive. Carpet installation is also a rather straightforward process that doesn’t require much time or cost a fortune.

Insulation & Softness

There is a reason why carpet is a staple in bedrooms—have you tried getting out of bed in winter and stepping on the cold hardwood or tile? Carpet flooring provides a nice, warm cushion and helps prevent heat from escaping through the floors. It also offers a nice, grippy surface and a soft landing in case of a fall.

Drawbacks of Carpeting

Dust Trap

Unless you have a stain or a heavily soiled area, carpets don’t easily show dirt. However, what looks like a clean carpet could be packed with dust particles, allergens and even mites. Due to its fibrous, woven structure, carpet tends to attract and trap whatever falls on it. This can include crumbs, dog hair, kitty litter and the dirt tracked from outdoors. If you don’t have a vacuum with good suction, your carpet could turn into an allergen factory.

Dangerous Chemicals

That new carpet smell some people like is actually off-gassing or chemicals used in carpet manufacturing. These so-called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) come from the carpeting adhesives, padding and backing. They contribute to indoor air pollution and may even cause inflammation of upper respiratory tract in sensitive individuals. Most carpets have some amount of VOCs, so if you want to minimize your exposure, look for carpets labeled low-VOC.

Longevity & Maintenance

Carpet care won’t break your bank, but it has to be performed diligently if you want your carpets looking like new. At least a weekly run-over with a good vacuum and annual steam cleaning are necessary to ensure your carpets look presentable. Both frequent cleaning and fiber-based construction affect carpet’s lifespan, which is usually limited to 10-15 years. While it’s still a long time, it’s not as long as tile flooring that can last indefinitely under minimal care.

Depending on your intended use, some of these carpeting pros and cons might not matter at all. Maybe cost is not an issue or longevity doesn’t matter because you plan to move soon, anyway. At Genesis Flooring America, we can help you evaluate your flooring needs and help you choose the right floor covering.

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