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The Benefits of Cork Flooring

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corkcomfortWhen it comes to flooring, many homeowners never think of cork. In fact, most don’t tend to think of cork at all unless it’s attached to a bottle of wine. However, cork flooring is an attractive option for many reasons. Don’t overlook this eco-friendly option when revamping your home!

Don’t Forget About Cork

Cork flooring is a wonderful choice for those who are trying to lessen their impact on the environment. Cork is actually the bark of the cork tree, which can be stripped harmlessly from the tree. Additionally, cork flooring is the byproduct of wine manufacturing. The cork that isn’t used as a stopper for wine is gathered up, ground, and then compressed to make cork flooring tiles. Waste not, want not!

Cork offers a variety of benefits inside the home as well. First, cork is a very comfortable flooring to have underfoot as it will “give” when walked on. This makes it a great compromise between the aesthetics of wood and the safety of carpet. It’s also a great alternative to carpet for people who suffer from allergies, as carpet will collect allergens while cork won’t. Additionally, despite the “give” that makes cork soft and comfortable, cork is an extremely durable surface that won’t crack or warp, and it is water-resistant. You also don’t need to worry about standard furniture leaving permanent imprints: when the furniture is moved, forgiving cork floors will spring back to life!

In addition, cork is a material that is naturally resistant to the growth of mold and mildew (remember that its primary job is to keep wine safe!) and will also repel termites. It’s extremely versatile in appearance as well, coming in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find a cork floor that fits!

If you’re worried about noise, you’ll want to reach for cork, as it’s a natural insulator. Cork will also retain heat, so rooms with it are naturally warm and quiet. Even if you aren’t sold on the aesthetic qualities of cork flooring, consider using it as insulation beneath many other types of flooring.

Where Does it Come From?

Cork is native to Spain, Tunisia, and Portugal. We have attempted to grow varieties in the United States, but unfortunately the American trees can’t be harvested. Cork trees can live up to 800 years, but most have a lifespan of around 200 years.

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