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Best uses for stone tile in your home

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It is likely that you noticed homes with stone tiles tend to be in warmer climates. That’s because stone does a great job of cooling a room down, even in the dead of summer, just walking into your home with stone tiles provide an escape from the heat. Unlike carpet, stone tile doesn’t hide dust mites and allergens that can send your allergies into overdrive.

Stone tile is hard-wearing and durable, it’s not just a style choice but very much an investment. There are many options when it comes to stone tiles, which allows you to choose a product that is just right for you. You can even choose one that’s super easy to clean.

The best thing about stone tile is that it has so many uses. You could have a stone counter top in your kitchen, a stone floor in your bathroom, and a stone fireplace in your bedroom. There are so many different options and looks that you can create something that is totally unique for you. It’s important to speak to a professional about your choices, because something that is ideal as a counter top, might prove to be far too slippery to lay as flooring.

To give you a better idea, I thought I would give you a brief overview of the stone tiles that are available and the common uses for them in the home.

Soapstone – most commonly used for sinks, vanity tops, kitchen counter tops, and furniture surrounds.
Limestone – most commonly used for bathroom surfaces, kitchen floors, and entryways.
Granite – most commonly used for fireplace surrounds and kitchen counter tops.
Onyx – most commonly used in bathroom design like vanity tops, shower tiles and bathtub surrounds.
Marble – most commonly used for vanity tops, flooring, and kitchen back splashes.
Sandstone – most commonly used for shower tiles, shower walls, kitchen flooring and bathtub surrounds.
Travertine – most commonly used for counter tops, shower tiles, flooring and bathtub surrounds.
Slate – most commonly used for flooring and kitchen counter tops.

Now that you know the most common stone tiles available and where they are most commonly used, you can begin to map out the design of your home based on your knowledge.

Your first question should be- what kind of look do I want to achieve in each specific room? Can I achieve that with one of these stones? If so, what am I willing to spend to achieve my desired look?

The benefits of using stone throughout your home are clear- stone is enduring, versatile, easy to maintain, clean, hypo-allergenic and a tile that never goes out of style.


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