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Consider Stone for Your New Dining Room Floors

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If you have plans to refinish your dining room floor, stone is definitely an option you should consider. It’s a valuable flooring choice for a dining room, and it offers a number of benefits that aren’t available with linoleum, vinyl, and other types of flooring. It might be a pricier option and require more careful installation, but the payoff is a floor that looks beautiful and adds elegance to the room. Not to mention, a stone floor adds value to a home upon resale.

Consider Stone for Your New Dining Room Floors

Classic beauty

Stone flooring offers a classic look which adds visual appeal to any room it’s in. For a dining room, this can be a fantastic way to show off your home and provide an up-to-date look which feels elegant and strong. Unlike other flooring options available, stone flooring is one almost everyone finds appealing.


It’s not just nice to look at, stone is also a very durable flooring material which will last a long, long time. Scratching, scuffing, or breaking stone flooring is incredibly difficult. It can happen, but you would need to drop something substantially heavy; rarely anything you would bring to the dinner table. This means you’ll have a beautiful floor that will stay beautiful.


One of the greatest benefits of stone is that it’s waterproof, as long as grout is used and installed properly. Waterproof floors mean spills won’t stain or soak into your flooring so cleanup is a breeze. In order to enjoy the full benefits of a stone floor, you want to make sure to hire a professional who can make sure everything is installed properly. The last thing you want is to find out you didn’t use enough grout and now have water under the floor.

Adding value to your home

Floors can truly sell a home. Home-owners will be much more willing to purchase a home with a timeless stone flooring than shag carpeting in the dining room. By installing a stone floor, you will have a dining room that looks like it’s straight from a catalog. Now that’s true resale value.

So, while stone flooring might seem a little too pricey or like too much work to install, it has a value that will last long after that initial installation. In addition, you will also save money on necessary maintenance which is required for other flooring options like carpet.

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