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Should I Refinish or Replace my Hardwood Floor?

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If your hardwood floor is starting to show age, it’s about time to consider giving it new life. This puts you in the position of deciding between refinishing or replacing it. So, which option is best? Here are some things to consider if you’re debating whether you should refinish or replace your hardwood floors.

Should I Refinish or Replace my Hardwood Floor?

What’s the Source of the Damage?

Before doing any decision making on whether to replace or repair your hardwood floors, consider the source of the overall issue. If the reason your hardwood floor looks rough is due to old age, then a refinishing is certainly a good option. If the issue is due to excess moisture in your home or other issues which will continue to arise, then maybe you need to consider replacing your hardwood with a more durable or resistant flooring option.

How bad are the Floors?

A major consideration in your decision to refinish or replace your hardwood floor will be the extent of the damage. If it’s simply a few scratches here or there and some signs of old age, then refinishing your floor is probably an achievable task. If your floor has much deeper gouges, shows signs of buckling, or has major cracks and splits, it’s probably going to need to be replaced.

Costs of Refinishing vs. Replacing Hardwood

Another consideration will be the overall cost of replacing your hardwood floors vs. refinishing them. All things remaining equal, the cost of refinishing your hardwood floor will be much less than replacing the hardwood floor. This is a great option if the hardwood is still in great condition but just needs a face lift to return to its former glory.

New Types of Hardwood Available

Depending on when your hardwood floor was installed, there are most likely newer types and styles of hardwood flooring available to you. So if you’re tired of the look of your floors, take some time and visit a local Maryland flooring showroom to see what types of flooring is now available to you.

Consult with a Maryland Flooring Supply Store

If you’re still not sure whether you will be refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors, then maybe it’s time to call a local Maryland flooring supply store and get their opinion. Show them some photos of your current floor and see if they think you will need new hardwood or if they can be salvaged. By seeking out the advice of an expert, you can rest assured your final product will be of the highest quality.

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