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The Pros and Cons of the Different Countertops

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Is the countertop in your kitchen faded, scratched, or simply in need of a makeover? Check out some of the most commonly used kitchen countertops to help you decide which one to choose!

The Pros and Cons of the Different Countertops

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops provide a beautiful, natural look while remaining very durable.

PROs: heat resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant (especially with matte and polished finishes)

CONs: needs periodic resealing, edges and corners can chip, some slab patterns are costlier than others

Marble Countertops

Marble also boasts a very brilliant and natural appearance, but can chip easily if heavy items come in contact with it.

PROs: stain resistant, durable, many color/pattern options, smooth surface

CONs: costly, can be negatively affected by acids (think citrus, coffee, alcohol), need to be sealed a few times a year

Ceramic Tile Countertops

Possibly the most cost-effective option, ceramic tile is great for simple installation and moderate kitchen use.

PROs: easy to clean, simple installation, heat resistant, tile is stain resistant, very cost-effective

CONs: scratches and chips easily, provides uneven surface, grout is not stain resistant

Butcher Block Countertops

This type of countertop is great for food prep and nice to look at, but isn’t a good choice for a sink area as it is easily damaged and not resistant to water and stains.

PROs: great for cutting/chopping food, gentle on glassware, moderate price

CONs: susceptible to burns when hot materials are placed on surface, not stain resistant, requires sealer and regular maintenance

Laminate Countertops

Another budget-conscious option, laminate installs easily but is a bit difficult to repair.

PROs: very cost-effective, many pattern/color options, stain resistant, waterproof, low maintenance

CONs: scratch easily, not heat resistant, hard to repair

Concrete Contertops

A highly durable option for kitchen countertops that is seeing a rise in recent popularity.

PROs: scratch and heat resistant, smooth texture, very durable, many texture and color options

CONs: very costly, can crack easily, sealing and waxing are required

Glass Countertops

A glass countertop is a eco-friendly option made up of recycled glass pieces; which also allows for unique colors and patterns!

PROs: made from recycled material, plenty of color/design options, heat resistant, non-porous

CONs: cracks and chips easily, costly, needs replacement over repair of damage, fingerprints are usually visible

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