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What is Reclaimed Hardwood?

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Can you imagine a piece of wood that once existed as a beam in any farmer’s barn, fitting just as comfortably inside your very own home? These days, reclaimed hardwood is definitely not just used to construct warehouses. Reclaimed hardwood is making a huge comeback as a top Maryland flooring material.

With the recent focus on environment friendly constructions, contractors have come up with a solution. They want to keep their business flourishing while they preserve Mother Nature.

Today, aside from centuries’ old, slow grown wood and timber, manufactured and recycled wood—known as reclaimed hardwood—is also available in either solid stocks or engineered floorings.

An interesting fact about reclaimed hardwood flooring is that no two portions of reclaimed hardwood are exactly alike. All reclaimed hardwoods are available for customers in a variable range of shapes and sizes. The appearance of the flooring and the size of planks also differ from one another.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring—Beauty with Sustainability

Even though reclaimed hardwood can be used to build almost anything from wooden beams, to furniture or barns, it works best when it’s used for flooring purposes.

Whether you build kitchen floors from scratch or renovate your bedroom flooring, reclaimed hardwood will help you create a space which is not only beautiful, but unique as well. Reclaimed wood is also ideal when you re-purpose it for the sake of preserving nature. It demonstrates your dedication towards utilizing the resources available to you, artfully.

Not only this, reclaimed wood is one flooring material which is a great choice for people who are concerned about their floorings getting outdated or worn with the passage of time. The good news is—reclaimed wood is named so in the first place because it has already proven itself to be resilient and tough. It has previously experienced the expansion and contraction, which occurs during various seasons of the year. This ultimately suggests that without any doubt, your reclaimed wooden flooring is going to hold its ground much longer and better than any other flooring material.

Above and beyond it all, reclaimed and antique products will always offer you the joy of having a history of their own. Isn’t it exciting to think that your reclaimed wooden planks might have arrived from a barn in England or a forest in Brazil?

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