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Maintaining Bamboo Flooring

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eldersburg maryland flooring companyBamboo flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood because it is much cheaper and more water resistant while still maintaining durability and aesthetic appeal. If you have bamboo flooring, there are certain steps you can take to keep it properly cared for both in terms of preventative maintenance and regular cleaning. At Genesis Flooring America, we want you to keep your bamboo floor lasting as long as possible. With these maintenance tips, you can keep your bamboo floor clean and prevent damage from occurring.

How To Clean

First, it is important to ensure that you properly clean your bamboo floor at regular intervals. Small particles of dust, dirt, and sand can actually do a great deal of harm to your bamboo floor. They can scratch the surface similarly to sandpaper as people walk back and forth and unknowingly grind these particles into the floor. Because of this, you should vacuum, sweep, or dust mop your bamboo floor often. When using floor cleaner, be sure to purchase products that have been designed for use on bamboo floors. Many hardwood cleaners can also be used for bamboo if they do not include wax.

Avoiding Water

While bamboo is more resistant to water damage than hardwood floor, moisture can still cause a problem in large quantities. You should never mop your bamboo floor with a traditional mop; however, using damp mops is acceptable. The floor should only stay damp for a few minutes. In addition, any spills on the floor must be cleaned immediately. Because bamboo is a porous material, staining can occur quickly and liquid can even cause warping. Finally, if you use bamboo floor cleaner that necessitates water, follow the instructions very carefully.

Preventative Measures

Along with regular cleaning and avoiding moisture, there are several preventative measures you can take to ensure that your bamboo floor stays spotless. First, add small rugs to entryways to cut down on the amount of debris that is tracked in. You can also institute a no shoes policy, which will both lead to fewer particles brought in from outside and less risk of people moving those particles across the floor. High heels in particular can cause much damage.

You should also keep pets’ nails trimmed to avoid scratching, and never drag furniture across the floor. When it comes to discoloration, you will want to rotate your furniture for even fading of the bamboo. You should also avoid direct sunlight on a specific types of bamboo that can become discolored in the sun. To do this, install shades or use an area rug.


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