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Is Reclaimed Hardwood Right For Your Home?

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Reclaimed hardwood is wood that was previously used in a different structure. It’s not necessarily old floor boards, but mostly wood that comes from old barns, crates, mills, barrels, railroad carts and many other wooden structures. It may originate from the U.S. or be imported from abroad. Reclaimed wood has been a popular flooring choice for a while, but does this mean you should also jump on this bandwagon? Our Sykesville, MD flooring experts are happy to help you make a decision whether reclaimed hardwood is right for your home.

Why Get Reclaimed Wood Flooring

  • It’s eco-friendly: you help the environment by giving a second life to used wood instead of buying flooring harvested from living trees.
  • It’s got character: it has dents, scratches and the weathered look that goes with both modern and rustic interior designs.
  • It’s a conversation starter: instead of saying that your flooring came from Home Depot, you can now tell a story about a shipwreck or an old barn your floors originated from.
  • It’s the wood you can’t get anymore: many species of trees, such as redwoods, are no longer allowed to be harvested, so you can only find this type of wood in existing structures.
  • It’s stronger and more stable: most types of reclaimed wood were originally cut from older trees and had over a century to weather, which makes them sturdier and less prone to warping.

Reclaimed Hardwood Concerns

  • It can get pricey: the price for reclaimed hardwood ranges anywhere from $5 to $20 per square foot depending on your specific requirements and availability of flooring.
  • Not all dealers are equally honest: you may come across crooks who try to mix new, cheaper hardwood or artificially distressed wood with the reclaimed boards.
  • It may have termites: if reclaimed wood wasn’t properly cut, cleaned, remilled and kiln-dried, you may end up bringing termites into your home.
  • It could be misidentified: inexperienced dealers may unknowingly pass one wood species for another, so you may not get what you paid for.

Find a Reputable Retailer

If you like the look and feel of reclaimed hardwood and want to proceed with the purchase, it’s crucial to find a reputable retailer. As you can see, the majority of the problems you may experience with reclaimed wood occur only if you are using a bad dealer or if the wood was not property cleaned and prepared for indoor use.

Choosing the right flooring retailer is crucial, as the retailer has the responsibility to ensure they are using a reliable supplier. For example, at Genesis Flooring, we know that our reclaimed hardwood comes from historic American buildings and has been treated and finished to its imperfect perfection. We also make sure it’s free from harmful chemicals, lead or other dangerous substances that the wood may have come in contact with during its life cycle.

Give us a call today or visit our Sykesville flooring showroom to take a look at reclaimed wood up close and decide whether it’s right for you.


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