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How Rock Salt and Other Deicers Affect your Flooring

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During the winter months, rock salt and other deicers can wreak havoc on your flooring. Unfortunately deicers are unavoidable in some areas, so it’s important to consider this when selecting the flooring you use on the ground level of your home. If you are planning to replace your flooring in the near future and live in an area with frequent snow, here are some things to consider.

How Rock Salt and Other Deicers Affect your Flooring

The Impact of Deicers on Carpeting

Deicers can have a damaging effect on carpeting because of the harsh chemicals some of them use. Some are also colored and can leave stains on the carpet. These chemicals and stains can breakdown the carpet over time if not cleaned up regularly. If you have pets or children, the chances of deicers making their way into the home is much higher, so homeowners have to be extra vigilant with cleaning.

The Impact of Deicers on Tile/Wood/Laminate

The Impact of deicers such as rock salt is not limited to carpeted areas of the home. Deicers and the chemicals they contain can also cause damage to hardwood and laminate flooring. Rock salt can be especially damaging because it can both stain and scratch. Tile holds up to these products better than most other flooring options, but still needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent damage in the long term.

What you Can Do

To prevent stains, scratches, and lasting damage to your flooring make sure to clean your floors on a regular basis. In addition, consider what type of deicer you are using, as some can be more damaging than others. If you have an entryway inside your front door, consider putting a welcome mat down for cleaning off your shoes, or a shoe storage bin or bench, so that you and your loved ones can remove their shoes upon entering the home.

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