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Genesis Flooring America: We Do More than Just Floors

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Genesis Flooring in Maryland has 100 years of collective experience in the trade of flooring. We offer our clients a wide-ranging spectrum of flooring options. From bamboo, hardwood, carpeting, vinyl to cork, linoleum, and stone, homeowners have a plethora of choices. However, while reliable flooring is our focus, we offer an array of other services required to turn a house into a dream home. Let’s explore other services that our company provides.


Home remodeling is one of those projects that most homeowners are extremely excited about. You may be thinking about listing your home or considering upgrading your lifestyle. Genesis ensures that the bathroom and kitchen remodeling jobs are within your budget and as per your liking. So, if you want your kitchens to become more useful and welcoming, or transform an old fashioned bathroom into a spa, remodeling is exactly the service you require. The countertops and the cabinetry will add a breath of fresh air as well.


Decking is a way to expand your living space in an enthralling manner. House decks make the transition from the indoor areas of your house to the outdoor space quite appealing. Besides, decking is a popular American tradition. Therefore, if you want to increase the worth of your house by making it aesthetically beautiful, you may want to consider building a deck. Genesis makes the transformation of your home appear as easy as pie. Your new decks will be sturdy, elegant, and harmonious with the existing house structures.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are the cheapest ways to add value to your home. Apart from that, window treatments are one of the best ways to enhance the functionality of the windows in your house. Genesis provides homeowners with a wide range of different material for the window treatments along with professional installation services.

Cleaning Services

Do you want to maintain the prisitne look of your residential and office areas? At least once in a while, your carpets and flooring require deep cleaning services, which can only be handled by a professional company. The expert technicians at Genesis Flooring America ascertain that the meticulous cleaning services provided for your offices and your homes are the best in class.

So, whether your home needs a little touch up or a major makeover, Genesis has the tools, the team, and the experience to ensure a wonderful job.


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