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Flooring Trends for 2018

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Can you believe that 2018 is almost here? It’s time to start thinking about all of those flooring trends that are about to explode. The flooring choice you make is going to have a huge impact on any room, which is why it requires special attention. You must ensure that the flooring material you choose fits perfectly with your style, needs, and aesthetics.

There are so many options available making it can be difficult to decide on something perfect. For 2018, let’s review a few of the biggest up-and-coming trends that will define interior design next year to help with your Maryland floor installation.

Flooring Trends for 2018

Wide Plank Hardwood

Deviating from the norm, wide plank hardwood gives a whole new twist to an otherwise rustic and traditional material. Wide planks allow a room to open up, become more spacious, and lend to its contemporary style. It’s an aesthetic choice to make if you’re looking to make a room appear modern and mature.

Gray Flooring

Regardless of material, the color gray is becoming increasingly popular. It’s rare that gray doesn’t fit a color scheme, so it’s the perfect fit for a lot of interior designs. They must be chosen carefully–in the wrong room with the wrong shade, gray floors can easily wash out a room and make it appear boring. Otherwise, though, gray flooring is on the rise.


Yes, cork! This fascinating material is recycled and made of wood pulp, so it’s renewable and affordable. It also looks interesting and different, lending to its uniqueness. However, it’s low on durability. Working with cork may mean more maintenance and more care. You also might want to consider installing it in a room with less foot traffic. Cork flooring is an excellent choice, despite a few modifiers.

Distressed Paneling

What’s more interesting than hardwood? Hardwood that has been aged to perfection! Another common trend is using hardwood floors where the wood has been recycled from various industrial locations. Wood with leftover paint being polished into a new hardwood floor is an increasingly popular look.

It’s perfect for so many situations—a rustic farmhouse, going for a more broken-in feel, or a modern flat looking for that unique touch. So long as the gaps between planks are minimized, and slightly more care is being used than before, distressed paneling lends a wonderful new option to floor trends in 2018.

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