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Flooring For Flooding

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Hurricane Mathew has brought devastating weather to the East Coast this week, and it isn’t finished, in fact it hasn’t made its way to our store yet, but we are expecting it to this weekend.  All of the talk of rain, high winds, and flooding has us thinking about basements, which are a popular home staple in Maryland, and the best flooring in the event of flooding.  We aren’t saying you shouldn’t carpet you basement, but what if you wanted a flood proof basement, or one that would be able to stand up to flooding without taken a substantial hit.

Flood Resistant Basement Flooring Options

Decorative Concrete or Stone.

Stained concrete offers a beautiful and economical alternative to tile or carpet. It comes in any color you can imagine, and it can even be stained/etched to look like stone or wood.  It’s long lasting, durable, unique, a conversation starter for sure! It can be used with an in-floor radiant heat system (before the concrete is poured) or retrofitted with an overlay heating system. Unlike carpet, you don’t need to rip up the concrete floor if water occasionally gets in your basement.


The main thing to consider when using tile on a basement floor is making sure the floor is level and relatively free of imperfections; otherwise the tile might be susceptible to cracking.  Tile is durable and waterproof and there are many beautiful options to chose from.

Engineered Hardwood.

This is real wood that has been protected with a layer of plywood underneath, enabling it to withstand moisture better than traditional hardwood.  Wood and moisture don’t mix well, so if you absolutely must have wood floors in your basement, then chose an engineered hardwood. Also, unlike a traditional solid wood floor, which must be nailed down to a sub floor, engineered wood can either be nailed down or float above an existing floor.


Laminate or Vinyl is a floating floor. It would lie on top of the existing basement floor, making it fairly easy to install for you DIYs out there. There are many luxury Vinyl choices out there today that look just like real wood or stone. It’s durable and easy to clean. If you do choose laminate or vinyl, just make sure you opt for one that is specially made for basements.

Carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles have become very popular in recent years for their ease of use. Just pick a color/style, figure out how many you need, and then place them on the floor using an adhesive backing. When one of the tiles gets wet or dirty, just remove it, clean it, and return it to its spot. They are a great green product too: most carpet tiles today are made from post consumer content.

Bamboo and Cork.

Bamboo is naturally moisture resistant and a renewable resource. It can be installed over most sub floors, including concrete, and you can use radiant floor heating systems with it. You can also get an engineered bamboo floor that is better suited for basements. Cork is another great option because of its moisture resistant properties and its softness underfoot. It should be installed as a floating floor over concrete for the best results.


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