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The Best Flooring For a New Family Room

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Whether you’re moving, building, or renovating, you’re reading this because you’re ready to create a new family room! Congratulations–now, it’s time to start thinking about your flooring.

For events, holidays, or simple evenings spent indoors, your family room will be utilized on a daily basis. Factoring this into your decision can change how you may be envisioning your new family room.

Genesis Flooring Family Room Flooring


Carpet is a classic, popular flooring choice for family rooms. It’s perfect and plush for kids, for whom hardwood might cause injuries. You can also choose from a nearly endless variety of colors, styles, and material.

However, if you’ve got pets, or plan to get a pet in the future, carpet could turn into hassle. It’s extremely difficult to remove pet stains from carpet if they’re left long enough, and it’s much harder to clean than simply wiping a smooth surface.


While it’s not the best choice for children, hardwood can still work. All you need is a plush rug to complete the look, or a play mat you can bring out during the day. Hardwood is a much better choice if you’ve got pets, as it’s easy to clean up after them.

However, pets can still be an issue for hardwood. A few, infrequent messes are fine. But, over time, repeated mistakes can lead to staining and deterioration. Also, pets with sharp claws could scratch the surface of hardwood.


If you can’t choose between carpet or hardwood, why not combine the two? Rugs give you the ability to easily enjoy the comfortable and safe surface of carpet, while also including the elegance and simplicity of hardwood.

Rugs can have many designs, which can be as complicated or a rudimentary as you desire. They can be matched with furniture, included in interior design, and you can change them whenever you’re looking for something new.

There are a few downsides, however. Rugs are delicate, and need to be handled and cleaned with a different kind of care. Pets will love to play with edges, which will lead to fraying. However, when planned correctly, a rug can be the perfect solution if you can’t choose between the above two options.

What will you choose for your family room flooring?

Ultimately, it’s up to you! It might come down to style or practicality, but in the end, your family room flooring material is going to create a personality distinct to your family.

Still unsure? Come to Genesis Flooring, the most reliable Maryland flooring company in the area. We can present you with a huge variety of flooring options. You’ll work with experts to determine exactly what material is best for you and your family room. If you’re in Sykesville and looking to create a new family room, don’t trust your flooring options with anyone other than Genesis Flooring.


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