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Features, Benefits and Uses of Cork Flooring

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cork flooring

When you think of cork, two things probably come to mind: wine corks and cork boards used for pinning (before we had Pinterest). But how about cork used as a flooring material? In our Maryland flooring showroom, we often meet customers who first see and start considering cork flooring when they discover it installed in one of our staged spaces. Although cork flooring has been around for a long time, only in recent years has it begun to gain popularity. And there are many reasons for that! If you are new to cork flooring, read on to find out whether it’s the best flooring choice for your needs.

How is Cork Flooring Made?

Cork is actually bark harvested from the cork oak, a tree that can live up to 500 years and naturally sheds its bark every 9-15 years. Removing the bark doesn’t damage the tree, which is why cork flooring is considered green flooring made from renewable materials. As if this wasn’t green enough, it’s common for cork flooring manufacturers to use leftover cork from bottle stopper manufacturing to make the flooring. This means that cork flooring is essentially a product of recycling.

Unlike wood, cork flooring is made of pieces of cork rather than planks cut out from the tree bark. The cork bits left over from bottle stopper manufacturing are boiled and ground. Small and large pieces of cork are then mixed and compressed using adhesive resins to create unique patterns. Besides its natural brown color, cork flooring comes in a variety of shades and color variations to match any interior.

Features and Applications of Cork Flooring

Comfort and Cushion

Cork flooring contains air-filled cells, which creates comfortable cushion for your feet. Cork tiles don’t visibly sag when you walk on them, but you can definitely feel that it’s softer than tile or hardwood. For this reason, cork is great for places where you expect to stand for long periods of time, such as your kitchen. It’s also great for playrooms, nurseries and kids’ rooms, as it will absorb the impact from falls and help prevent injuries.

Insulation and Soundproofing

Thanks to the air-filled cells, cork flooring can also serve as a great insulation material. Not only does it hold in warmth, but also stops sound waves. For these reasons, cork flooring can work great in spaces where sound needs to be minimized, such as the piano room, library or any large open space that tends to echo. Cork flooring can also be used as underlayment for hardwood if you are looking for better insulation and soundproofing.


Of course, cork flooring is not indestructible, but it’s extremely durable for being so soft and comfortable. Unlike some softer hardwoods, cork flooring doesn’t easily dent from fallen objects. It also recovers rather quickly from dents caused by heavy furniture. The only thing you should worry about is surface scratches from your pets. Heavy dogs with untrimmed nails running around your house will leave marks on just about any surface with the exception of tile. Commercial-grade varnish is available to reduce the appearance of scratches.

Cork flooring is a great option for most living spaces in your house. And there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from! If you are looking for cork flooring in Maryland, stop by our Sykesville flooring showroom to get professional assistance in choosing the right flooring for your needs.


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