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5 Kitchen Design Mistakes most DIY’ers Make

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Looking to remodel your kitchen on your own? A kitchen remodel is a great idea, and if done properly can really add to your home’s aesthetics and resale value. We’ve seen a lot of kitchen remodels, both good and bad. So, in an effort to help you avoid the 5 kitchen design mistakes most DIY’er’s make, we’ve compiled them here for you.

Improper Cooking Flow

When designing a kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is how you cook. You’ll obviously be using the kitchen mostly to cook, so you want that to be what you build the kitchen around. Take some time and consider your cooking flow. We typically design kitchens by keeping the refrigerator, stove, and sink all close together and with an unobstructed flow between the three.

kitchen lighting, gorgeous kitchen flooring

Inadequate Lighting

Lighting is another aspect to kitchen design commonly overlooked by DIY’ers. Incorporate accent lights, such as under-cabinet lighting, to draw attention to your kitchen and serve as a good night-light. Also include spot lights for your stove, sink, and island so you can increase lighting in these areas on demand. Lastly, keep in mind what natural light your kitchen receives so you can reduce electricity usage during the day.

Using the Wrong Floor

Flooring is important in high-traffic areas of a home, and the kitchen is one of the most used spaces. Not to mention, kitchens will have a lot of drops, spills, and stains. This means, you will want some higher quality kitchen flooring that can stand up to the abuse. For advice on what type of flooring to use in your kitchen remodel, visit an experienced Maryland flooring store for advice today.

Kitchen with a gorgeous kitchen tile floor

Doors that Open Into Other Things

Cabinet drawers that open into other drawers will get annoying, fast. When designing a kitchen, one mistake most DIY’ers make is not including the door-opening room each cabinet or appliance needs. We suggest opening all the drawers and door at once to double check you’re safe. If you have a tricky corner, try installing a lazy Susan as one way to avoid this kitchen design mistake.

Forgetting about Trash and Recycling

One common kitchen design mistake most DIY’ers make is to not install sliding drawers for their trash. Nothing sticks out like a sore thumb more than a plastic trash can in the middle of a gorgeous remodeled kitchen. Install sliding drawers for your trash and recycling cans so you can hide-away these unsightly necessities while increasing your overall floor space.

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