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Design Tips for Picking the Right Flooring

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Floor material is often overlooked as an important aspect of any design. It may seem like a simple choice on the surface–hardwood, carpet, tile, linoleum. However, choosing the perfect flooring for your home is what will bring the entire project together in harmonization. With some top-of-the-line tips and handy bits of knowledge, you’re sure to pick the best flooring material for your home or renovation project! Read on for some insider knowledge and get your creativity flowing.

Design Tips for Picking the Right Flooring

Tip #1: Vinyl can mimic textures.

You can use vinyl as a flooring to give the illusion of any other material you wish. Despite the fact that it looks authentic, the cleaning process will always be the same–simple and quick! Vinyl flooring is particularly easy to care for, so this method of matching your flooring to the rest of your project is super handy.

Tip #2: Consider below or above grade floors.

If your floor is below grade, typically underground, you don’t want to choose a material like hardwood, which warps and changes depending on temperature and moisture levels. Instead, you’d want to use something like concrete, and later covering that with carpet if you wish. Hardwood, laminate, tile, and other similar materials should be used on above grade floors.

Tip #3: Keep your eye on the sun.

The UV rays from the sun are capable of warping and fading the colors of your flooring if the material is susceptible to it. Vinyl will stay true to its color no matter what lighting it is in, while linoleum is touch and go–in any case, it’s a good idea to allow floor samples to experience direct sunlight for several days, or even weeks, before making a decision.

Tip #4: Consult with your local Sykesville Flooring Store.

Still stuck? Professionals will be able to help you pick the perfect flooring material. At Genesis Flooring America, experts can give you the best advice and their experienced thoughts. Sometimes, all it takes is a second opinion! And, who knows–they might have a few new facts and tidbits under their sleeves.

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