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Best Spots for an Area Rug in Your Home

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When you were visiting Maryland flooring showrooms, did you find yourself drawn to the area rug isle? You are not alone—area rugs are used and loved in homes all over the world. They are incredibly versatile and can make a big difference for your space, depending on your lifestyle and decorating preferences. Our Maryland flooring experts at Genesis Flooring will be happy to help you pick the perfect area rug for your space and needs. Not sure if you need one at all? Consider these different area rug uses and placements your home could benefit from.

What an Area Rug Can Do

Before we dive into specific area rug placements, let’s first talk about why you should buy an area rug. Here are some of the major benefits an area rug can offer:

  • Lay it over cold flooring such as tile to create a comfortable surface for walking barefoot.
  • Lay it over a damaged portion of the flooring to hide wear and tear.
  • Lay it over hard flooring to create a nice cushion.
  • Make it into a statement piece or use it to tie the décor together.
  • Use it underneath heavy furniture to avoid scratching your hardwood.
  • Use it to break up large open spaces into designated areas.
  • Use it to protect your new hardwood from damage in high-traffic areas.
  • Use it to help with sound-proofing

Area Rug Placement Ideas

Area rugs come in many shapes and colors: they can be round or rectangular, multi-colored or monochrome. The shape and color you choose will depend on the placement location, as well as the purpose of the rug. Here are some of the best spots for an area rug, whether you are buying it for the looks or with a specific goal in mind.

In the Living Room

In the living room, an area rug has traditionally been laid underneath the coffee table between the couch and the TV. This placement makes the whole space feel cozier. And if you have kids, they will enjoy playing on the nice, soft rug while the adults watch a movie. If you have a formal sitting room, this is another place where an area rug would do well and help frame the space.

In the Bedroom

Many homeowners use an area rug purely as an accent piece in a bedroom by placing it in the middle of the room. This often means that the rug is partially underneath the bed. For a smaller bedroom and a bigger effect, you could get an oversized area rug that takes up almost the entire room. This way you can walk barefoot without getting cold feet, no pun intended.

You may argue that if you are covering the majority of the flooring with an area rug anyway, why not install carpet in the bedroom? There are two big reasons why not. First of all, area rugs have significantly more options in terms of style and color than carpet. And second of all, consider the resale value, because hardwood floors is what most home buyers want throughout the house.

In the Dining Room

If you have a formal dining room that you mostly use for special occasions, such as Thanksgiving dinners, an area rug underneath the table may be a good idea. It will help define the space and add extra elegance to the whole scene. However, if you use your dining table on a daily basis, an area rug may be impractical, as it will collect food stains and spills pretty fast and is harder to clean than whatever surface you have underneath.

By the Entrance

Placing a rug or a runner near your home’s front or back door accomplishes a few things. It wows your guests as soon as they come in, as well as helps catch any sand and dirt before they get onto your hardwood and cause scratches. You don’t have to get anything too fancy, but be sure to pick a durable rug for this area, as it will be subject to a lot of traffic.

These are just a few examples of where you can place an area rug in your home. Feel free to come up with other creative and unusual ideas if you want to make your home even more unique. And if you need help choosing the right rug for your space, stop by our Sykesville flooring showroom to get a closer look at area rugs and professional advice.


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