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Benefits of Wool Carpeting

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There are many benefits to using wool carpeting, which is why wool carpeting is considered to be a luxury carpet by many carpet and flooring suppliers. If you’re looking to add carpet to an area of your home, there are a number of reasons you should consider using wool carpeting. Here are the many benefits of wool carpeting.

sheep with wool

Wool Carpeting is Durable

Wool is naturally constructed to be a barrier for sheep to keep them warm during cold outdoor weather. For this reason, wool is also a great option for use as carpeting in high-traffic areas that need a more durable option. If you want a carpet that can last for years to come, wool carpeting is a great option to consider.

Wool is an Environmentally-Friendly Material

Wool is a renewable resource which means less environmental pollution as a result of making carpet out of this material. Wool protects sheep during cold winter months, and then in the spring the sheep get a hair cut and the wool is processed into various products such as carpet.

Wool Carpeting is Healthier

Wool is naturally non-allergenic, which is great for homes of people with allergies. It is also a healthier carpeting option because it deters dust mites and bacterial growth which can occur within the fibers of other carpets. If you or someone in your home has allergies, be sure to share this with your carpet and flooring store when you visit so they can discuss the best options available for you.

the benefits of wool carpeting in Maryland

Wool Carpeting is Flame-Resistant

Wool carpeting has flame-resistant characteristics which will help to slow the spread of a fire in your home. So if you have a fireplace, or simply want better peace-of-mind, then opt for wool carpeting.

Wool Carpeting Insulates the Home

Wool is a great insulating material for clothing and in the same way it will help to insulate a home. If you were to carpet your basement with wool it would not only look and feel amazing, but will help you save money on your heating bill as well! As your Maryland carpet store will tell you, wool is great for Maryland weather because it helps to regulate temperatures during hot summers too!

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