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Benefits of Shopping for Flooring in a Showroom

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In the age of internet, more and more people turn to online shopping for all of their shopping needs. Are you one of those people who prefer to buy anything you need or want with a click of a button from the comfort of your couch? While this is a convenient approach, it may not be practical for all types of purchases. With certain things, such as flooring materials, you might get better results if you shop in a store or showroom. Let our Maryland flooring experts give you a few reasons why.

Get the Right Color

When it comes to flooring, color is very important to most people. One shade off, and it looks muddy, dull or no longer fits with the rest of the décor. Have you ever tried to judge color on a digital screen? If you have a laptop, you probably noticed that the color changes with every degree you tilt your screen. And it looks totally different on your cellphone! The only sure way to see the exact color is to hold a real sample in front of you.

Save Time on Shipping

Speaking of samples, you can probably order them online, but then you will have to wait until the samples arrive. This may take a few days and sometimes up to a week. By the time you get the samples and pick the one you want, your desired flooring can run out of stock! No such hassle in a showroom—just come in and look at all the sample you want or take them home. Showrooms also keep certain best-selling flooring brands in stock, so you could potentially get your flooring delivered the same day!

Easier to Compare

When you are trying to decide between 2 or 3 shades or patterns, your initial instinct would probably be to lay them all in front of you side by side. Unless you have 3 tablets or 3 phones, this can be difficult to accomplish without actual samples. In a showroom, you can compare and contrast all you want, and even take large samples home to see how they look with your lighting and interior!

Feel the Texture

Whether you are shopping for tile, carpet or bamboo flooring, it’s hard to judge what it feels like without touching it or stepping on it. At a flooring showroom, you have plenty of opportunities to do this. At Genesis Flooring showroom in Sykesville, for example, we have entire areas set up with different kinds of flooring. You can actually walk on it and feel it under your feet! This is probably the closest you can get to actually experiencing flooring before you buy!

Get Professional Advice

Are you torn between two different flooring materials? Can’t decide on the right color? Looking for something both attractive and stain resistant? An experienced flooring professional in a showroom can help you solve these and many other dilemmas. They may even suggest products you haven’t considered because you didn’t know they existed. Someone who sells flooring every day knows a lot about new materials and brands, as well as durability, ratings and reviews. They know what others have purchased in your situation and which products get returned often because they fail to meet expectations.

If you have decided that showroom shopping is for you, we invite you to visit our Genesis Flooring showroom in Sykesville, MD.


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