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What does the Average Kitchen Remodel Involve?

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A kitchen remodeling project can involve a wide variety of different aspects. If you know you want a change in your kitchen, but aren’t sure exactly what type of change, here’s what the average kitchen remodel involves.

What does the Average Kitchen Remodel Involve?

New or Refinished Cabinets

Cabinets are usually one of the first things to be changed in a kitchen remodeling project. Whether it’s a change in the color of the cabinets, or installing new hardware, something usually changes with the kitchen cabinets. One way to save a little money is to refinish your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint as opposed to replacing the cabinets with new ones.

Decorative Tile Backsplash

One aspect of the kitchen commonly included in the average kitchen remodeling project will be a tile backsplash of some sort. Whether you’re looking for a timeless look with white subway tile, or want something more decorative to showcase your personal character, a new backsplash is a common kitchen remodeling item to consider.

Fresh Coat of Paint

For those kitchens with a lot of wall-space, a fresh coat of paint is a must-have with a kitchen remodeling project. Pick a paint that matches or accents your tile backsplash or countertops and your kitchen will really come together.

A Change in Countertops

A new countertop is one of the first reasons people visit the idea of a kitchen remodel, which is why it is one item that the average kitchen remodel involves. New countertops add functionality and style to a kitchen remodel, and are also one of the more expensive items in a kitchen remodel.

What does the Average Kitchen Remodel Involve?

Installing New Kitchen Floors

A new kitchen floor will really bring together the whole project. There are a wide variety of options available when choosing which floor best suits your needs. We suggest contacting your Maryland flooring store and paying a visit to their showroom to see what flooring options are available to you.

Updating the Appliances and Fixtures

Most kitchen remodels include updating at least one, if not all, of the kitchen appliances. Whether it’s the refrigerator, dishwasher, or sink and faucet, a kitchen remodeling project isn’t complete without replacing and updating some of these items.

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