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4 Questions to Ask Your Flooring Pro at the Showroom

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Visiting a showroom and researching materials for your next flooring process is usually one of the first steps to getting your project complete. Many homeowners make the mistake of heading to a big box store to look at samples, when a flooring specific showroom will have upwards of ten times the samples to view, and the Professionals that work there will be highly versed on flooring, something you won’t find at a warehouse that requires it sales people to have general knowledge of many types of projects. To get you started we have created a list of the most useful questions we recommend asking your flooring pro while at the showroom.

Which type of flooring material is right for my project?

You may already have a material in mind for your floor, double check with your showroom professional to make sure that that material is appropriate for the type of area you have, make sure it is in your budget, and that it makes sense for your project. Once your material is decided upon, consult with your pro on the types of materials, best manufacturers, and options within that particular flooring category. This will help you uncover all of your options and make the best decision for you and your home.

Does this Flooring Material come with a warranty?

Many carpets, hardwoods, and other flooring options come with a warranty, if that is important to you and your home be sure to ask ahead of time. If your floor will be under warranty, understand what is covered, how long your warranty is, and what, if anything would void that warranty. This will allow you to stay organized and also you will be able to have a sense of ease if your floor is damaged for any reason over its lifetime.

Do you Install This Material and What is Your Cost?

Genesis Flooring American not only carriers flooring materials but also expertly installs flooring, be sure to get a quote while shopping materials because your supplier may be the best option as your installer too. Because your showroom professional has a relationship with many floor manufacturers they will know the ins and outs of installation and how to get the project to meet your budget as well.

What is the Care for This Material?

Some floors will require special care or care that is out of the norm. If you are looking for a no fuss floor that requires minimal cleaning, be sure to express this to you flooring showroom professional. They can guide you to the materials that are the easiest to clean and which ones require the least amount of upkeep.

Coming prepared with these questions and any others that you have specific to your project will make your time spent at the showroom more efficient and will ensure that your flooring project is completed without a hitch. Contact Genesis Flooring America today to ask questions over the phone or to schedule a consultation at our Sykesville, MD showroom.


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